HGV Class 2 & Class 1 Training

1st Link Training Centre Ltd offers Category C and C + E training and support.

C Category allows you to drive smaller trucks known as “rigid bodied vehicles” These trucks do not have a separated cab. Without the proper licensing, you will not be allowed to legally drive these vehicles.

All drivers are different, a pre training road driving assessment would give us a rough guide to the length of training the individual needs, saving time and money.

Step By Step Guide To Getting Your HGV / LGV Licence

C + E Category gives you the ability to drive larger Class 1 Arctic trucks that are also known as Articulated Lorries. These vehicles feature a cab that is separated from the trailer.

Before you can take a class 1 (CE) test you must have already passed the class 2 (Category C) practical test. However new entrants who want category C entitlement are not required to pass the C1 driving test first.